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2010: Preferred Professional Publishing™ will publish the CMISfocus™ magazine for the CMIS Mortgage Coalition
(Coalition For Mortgage Industry Solutions™ (CMIS™))

Leroy Rydstrom francis mba JPG
 CMIS DC Executive Leadership Summit

2009 Publications:
CMISfocus™ eMagazine

2009 CMIS Awards
News Release July 28, 2009

New HAMP Supplemental Directive 09-07,
The HAMP 500,000 Modification Milestone Announcement,
New Servicer Performance Report, COB 9-30-09
Making Home Affordable Remaining Problems & Solutions:
Rising Foreclosures & The Threat of Negative Equity
Effective, Efficient, Equally Fair, & Transparent (“EEET”) Communication Process,
Senior Level Authority - Dedicated Professional-to-Professional Approval Contacts

Neutral Analysis – Part 1

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10-1-09 Court Mediation Program
New REED Bill S.1731 Article Text Stmts

No-Fault-No-Income Assistance; Court Mediation;
Mandatory Modification Evaluations;
Face-to-Face Alternatives to Foreclosures;
Foreclosure Process Regulation; Part 1 New Bill Introduction
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Jumbo Mortgage Sector
Uncertainty Breeds Indecisiveness and Illiquidity
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News 9-15-09: Commercial MBS: REMICs & Trusts

New Final Regulations Resolve Open Issues for Modifications of Commercial Mortgages Held by REMICs –
But Modifications Held by Investment Trusts
Remain Unanswered Pending Comments
[TD 9463, Rev. Proc. 2009-45, Notice 2009-79]
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All the President’s HAMPmen -
Screaming from the Rooftop of the White House! ™

[New July 2009 HAMP Guidelines & Special Treasury Meeting]
[HAMP Foreclosure Forbearance – Supplemental Directive 09-01]
New HAMP Draft Guidelines July 20-28, 2009
New Foreclosure Forbearance - Supp. D. 09-01
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The New American-Dream Team: FHA/Ginnie Mae;
The $1 Trillion Ballooning of FHA/Ginnie Mae;
2010’s Special Default Servicer’s Outsource Dream
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New NBI/CMIS Webcast:

Dec. 4, 2009 Live Video CLE Webcast for
Servicers, Attorneys, Judges, AGs,  CPAs,
etc. entitled: The Business, Law & Ethics of
Mortgage Modifications: Learn How to
Legally Navigate in the New Mortgage
Resolution Climate (NBI #52276ER) - 
(#52276DVDCDR) Video DVD +
Course Book (CD-ROM) -
Recorded: December 04, 2009

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Program Exhibits & Followups


June 2008 CMIS DC
Leadership Summit

with Wilbur Ross, etc.
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June 2008
CMIS Summit Handbook &
CMIS Information, Executive Bios & Policy
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CMIS Summit
Wilbur Ross in Conversation with
Richard Rydstrom
at the DC Summit on 6-17-08
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Person of The Week
Richard Ivar Rydstrom
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A Case for Conversation _
CMIS Summit in Review
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